#XmasJKL 2016

JYU Ruusupuisto, Jyväskylä, Finland, November 18th 2016

Peter Vesterbacka, Keynote at XmasJKL 2016 (Photo by Chris Heino)


XmasJKL Speakers 2016

Peter Vesterbacka XmasJKL
Peter Vesterbacka, Lightneer
Arja Martikainen XmasJKL
Arja Martikainen, Games Jobs Finland
Sonja Ängeslevä, Unity Technologies
Ilmari Hakkola XmasJKL
Ilmari Hakkola, Rovio
Timur Kulbaev XmasJKL
Timur Kulbaev, Rebound Mobile
Olli Rundgren XmasJKL
Olli Rundgren, Psyon Games
Jani Järvinen XmasJKL
Jani Järvinen, RealityXpander

Also on the programme:

  • Exclusive video greetings from Phil Elliot (Square Enix)
  • Panel on topic: How to get into the game industry and beyond?
    Ville Rauma (Fingersoft), Peter Vesterbacka (Lightneer), Sonja Ängeslevä (Unity), Arja Martikainen (Games Jobs Finland),  Jonne Harja (IGDA Finland Helsinki Hub)
  • The Next Level Awards (Afterparty)

#XmasJKL 2016 – Highlights:

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