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XmasJKL 2017

The Finnish Game Industry & Business Seminar was held Nov 17.-18.2017 in Jyväskylä, Finland.
That year the event was extended to two days event with Expa Game Business Co-operatives 5 year birthday year!

XmasJKL 2017 Speakers

Mikko Kodisoja XmasJKL
Mikko Kodisoja, Supercell
Wilhelm Taht XmasJKL
Wilhelm Taht, Rovio
Mikael Leinonen XmasJKL
Mikael Leinonen, MyGamez
Juri Juskevits XmasJKL
Juri Juskevits, Critical Force
Petri Alanko XmasJKL
Petri Alanko, Remedy Entertainment (as a freelancer)
Natasha Trygg XmasJKL
Natasha Trygg, Snowfall
KooPee Hiltunen XmasJKL
Koopee Hiltunen, Neogames
Jonas Antonsson XmasJKL
Jonas Antonsson, Raw Fury

Also on the programme

  • Exclusive video greetings from Antti Ilvessuo (RedLynx, Ubisoft Studio)
  • The Next Level Awards (Afterparty)
  • Expa Game Business Co-Operative 5 Years Party with Sinfinian band
Expa 5 years party, XmasJKL 2017 with Sinfinian Band

XmasJKL 2017 Partners

Expa Logo XmasJKL